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Microsoft and its GPT-4 Copilot

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Last Thursday, Microsoft Inc. made an official announcement regarding Microsoft 365 Copilot – a modern AI assistant powered by GPT-4 from OpenAI, embedded in Microsoft Office Apps (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Teams and more) to “unleash creativity, unlock productivity and uplevel skills”.

Simply put, this marks the point that daily office tasks shall soon officially entered the AI era. The Copilot can be summoned to generate text in documents and write emails (which can be freely edited and adapted later), create PowerPoint presentations based on Word documents, analyze or format Excel data, transcribe meetings, create reminders for those who may have missed a group or company meeting, and even summarize action items throughout a meeting.

In addition,  through the Power Platform, users can build simple apps just using a few lines of instructions. Also, another new feature, Business Chat, is being described as a personal assistant to users, as it could bring together all the data from Word, PPT, mail, calendar, notes and contacts, help summarize chat records and even help write emails and project plans.

Besides that, there is an API called Microsoft Graph, which can “see” emails, calendars, files, usage patterns and other information stored in Microsoft’s cloud, such as Outlook, Office 365, Teams, OneDrive, etc.

Microsoft Graph Source: Microsoft

This means that Copilot could generate emails based on past information, find trends in Excel data, create designs based on other files users have worked on, make recommendations based on content, schedules or summaries made in the past, and much more. If a user wants to write a text in Word based on data in the PC, a command will be passed from the Copilot to the Microsoft Graph. All the relevant context and data will be retrieved and a prompt will be drawn up, which will be automatically sent to GPT-4. The generated results will then be passed back to Microsoft Graph for an additional compliance check before the results and commands are sent back to Word.

This is just the beginning and some of the features are limited to a select number of Microsoft customers only. However, Microsoft Inc. is still leading the way in the field of AI innovation, from ChatGPT earlier to now Copilot. Just as the Microsoft 365 head Jared Spataro stated, the latter will be “a whole new way of working” for professionals in various areas. Achieving new milestones in the field of AI will undoubtedly secure Microsoft’s competitive advantage among other competitors.

Technical Analysis

The #Microsoft (MSFT.s) share price hit its YTD low at $219.35, just slightly above the lows seen in October last year at $213.42. The tech giant continued to trade higher, and last closed above 100-week SMA. $281.50-$289 serves as the nearest resistance zone to watch, followed by $298 and $320. On the contrary, if price retraces and closes below the 100-week SMA, the nearest support lies at $265. A break below this level may drive more selling pressure into the next support zones $245-$252, and $213-$221.

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